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Reasons to Get an ISL DPF

Our Cummins ISL DPF filter is a low weight, compact size, and fuel-efficient model that’s designed to provide more horsepower and stability for heavy-duty vehicles.


Cummins ISL DPF: Your Next DPF Choice

Are you looking for the ideal DPF filter for your diesel vehicles?

The role of your DPF filter acts as your vehicle’s soot filter. Ideally, it helps in keeping the air clean. It is designed to trap particles of soot in the flow of exhaust gases from diesel vehicles and convert them into CO2 during the regeneration phase. That is why it is important to keep and maintain a clean DPF. Having a dirty or rustic DPF filter means a lot of serious trouble for your vehicle.

You don’t want to go there.

At, we make sure that we provide customers with the essential filters for their vehicles. We partner with some of the best of both world’s manufacturers to be able to ensure the safety of our clients down the road and the performance of their vehicles.

While there are a lot of DPF filter brands to choose from, we’re here to help you find out which one could ideally fit yours. Check this page for more thorough information about the Cummins ISL DPF engine and why you should choose it.


Today, let’s find out a few reasons why you should invest in an ISL DPF.

Reasons to Get an ISL DPF

Choosing the ideal fuel filter for your vehicle gets harder as industry and manufacturers are consistent in providing electronic control filters and reliable engines especially for heavy-duty vehicles. With a lot of choices to choose, car owners, either get the right filter or falls into buying a wrong one.

However, that shouldn’t worry you. At, we are committed to providing our customers with the ideal fuel filter for their kind of vehicle. With a team of in-house experts, we can provide you with a thorough assessment to be able to carefully identify which filter is best suited for your filter.

With that said, there are a few reasons why you should choose Cummins ISL for a high-pressure common-rail vehicle.

A Highly Flexible Choice

Compared to other manufacturers, and design engines, Cummins ISL is a highly flexible power choice that is low weight in a compact size and fuel-efficient configuration. Indeed, the power to weight ratio that has played an edge among other filter brands. 

With a lighter weight than other competitive engines, operators benefit from high performance, strong acceleration, and lower operating costs, all with the reliability and durability expected from Cummins. 

The Latest Generation

You want something that is in the latest of its line of filters, then Cummins ISL is a great choice. The ISL is among the best and reliable filters that undergone a great production process to fully achieve the horsepower engine of this particular DPF part. 

It’s the latest generation also is the Cummins ISL 8.9-litre mid-range engine is made with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)  technology which is commonly utilized for emissions reduction and performance improvements. 

Quality Made Product

Arguably, with the years of Cummins Inc in the industry, they have been a legit provider of quality made products that have been powering heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, and other more vehicles their line of productions are serving.

With that, this filter is a direct replacement and ensures a proper fit for most likely OE Fit, form, and function. This DPF unit has been rigorously tested to ensure conformance to product standards and quality. 

At, we made sure that we only keep in stock the best and premium, and quality made products from our partners, such as Cummins Inc.

Amazing Design Feature

When you talk about design, ISL is surely the right filter for you. This DPF incorporates amazing design features that are usually associated with larger Cummins engines. An enhanced camshaft and roller cam followers, a viscous damper, and a high capacity lube system enable Cummins to maintain high durability and reliability with high power to weight ratio.

The Cummin ISL DPF Technology

Diesel particulate filters are a proven and reliable emissions reduction technology with over 1 million Cummins DPFs in use since 2004. DPFs are effective at removing over 90% of Particulate Matter (PM). Combination systems are designed for rugged off-highway markets and to fit tight space constraints. The use of passive and active regeneration also allows more control in oxidizing and cleaning the filter.

DPFs, combined with DOCs, use wall-flow substrates typically made of porous ceramic media that capture exhaust gas and remove PM or soot particles. A typical filter consists of an array of small channels for exhaust has to flow. Adjacent channels are plugged at opposite ends, forcing the exhaust gas to flow through the porous wall, capturing the soot particles on the surface and inside pores of the media. As soot accumulates in the filter, a regeneration event will provide sufficient heat to oxidize and capture the soot. The remaining ash can be removed during regularly scheduled cleaning events based on the recommendations of the engine manufacturer.

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