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The Detroit Diesel Series 50 DPF  is a direct fit replacement that provides greater performance to your vehicles. Get it here at DPFParts. 


Detroit Diesel Series 50 DPF: The Next Detroit DPF You Need

Are you looking for the best DPF filter engine for your diesel vehicles?

It’s undeniable that most customers want consistency and quality these days. Most likely, they go after a DPF engine that’s reliable, doesn’t use a lot of fuel, long-term use, and doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. 

Luckily, at DPFParts we make sure to get the exact types and versions of DPF that can give you a long-lasting life, and a low-cost maintenance process. Not only that but as your reliable provider in original and premium DPF parts, we made sure that all our products are thoroughly checked and backed up with all the necessary maintenance and warranty.


Today, let’s get to know one of our in-demand and best selling Diesel Detroit Series 50 and why should it be your next DPF replacement.

History of Detroit Diesel

Detroit Diesel first started as an associate of General Motors. Through the years, GM concerned about the diesel engine market. That’s the cue that they also needed to start manufacturing diesel engines for industrial, marine and railroad markets. Vehicles with heavy-duty can take advantage of its engine making it more sustainable and durable for the long term and heavy work.

Detroit Diesel is also known for making engines in form of series— explains, series 60, 70 and so on.  The series was designed so that the majority of the parts would be interchangeable, and changes in power were made within a series by adding cylinders, rather than changing many parts.

But the question is, why should you choose Detroit Diesel Series? Here’s why!

Why Choose Detroit Diesel?

We have already gone over a lot of DPF filter engines out there. From the vintage, classics and modern ones. Definitely not all DPF can give the exact horsepower and engineered performance that Detroit Diesel can give.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Detroit Diesel for your vehicles.

It’s a Complete Power Range

One of the best thing about Detroit Diesel is that it has numerous power ratings to choose from. One of the best inline is both the Series 50 and Series 60 engine. It has the exact needs of any petroleum and diesel applications. 

Engineered for Long, Trouble-Free Performance

The proven 8.5L Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine is the 4-cylinder version of the Series 60 with the same heavy-duty qualities as the larger Series 60. With a horsepower range from 250 hp to 350 hp, this is the ideal engine for applications where high torque and horsepower are demanded. 

The turbocharged air-to-air charge-cooled Series 50 incorporates a special counter-rotating weight system to provide smooth, vibration-dampened performance, no matter where it’s used. And the time-tested DDEC  electronic engine control system ensures optimum performance and fuel efficiency with minimal emissions. 

Like all Detroit Diesel engines, the Series 50 is designed for easy periodic maintenance and engineered to be overhauled or rebuilt when required and returned to the Jobsite with minimum downtime and out-of-pocket cost. 

For optimum horsepower, it’s hard to beat the fuel-efficient, cost-effective Series 50 that it is.

Get Your Diesel Detroit Series 50 Today!

Ready to replace your old filter to Diesel Detroit Series 50? 

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