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Upgrade to Series 60: Very High DPF Filter

A superior power engine means a superior car! Get your series 60 very high DPF for your DPF filter replacement today. Get it here from your reliable and friendly DPF provider.


The Diesel Detroit Series 60: Very High DPF

Do you have a Series 60 engine from Diesel Detroit? 

Indeed, the Detroit Series 60 is still making rounds in popularity in today’s car modernisation. It can still cope up with heavy-duty work and provide long-lasting performance to vehicles. Despite having been out of production for years, this engine made its way to finally be in demand again.

At, our promising line of DPF filter engines is backed up with high-performance history, reliability, and durability. One of them is the Diesel Detroit Series 60.

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Series 60 Puts to Drive Test

If there is one thing to describe Detroit engines, that would be Monstrous. 

Since the rise of Detroit engines, it was always known for its huge sizing. They say, the bigger engine the better. Indeed, These colossal two-strokes were found in heavy trucks, boats, and even industrial applications like big generators and irrigation pumps.


A lot of people are worried about the bumpy driving experience with Detroit series 60, but “don’t worry” is what American engine makers say. Although Detroit engines are history and more like vintage, they can still perform just like with the modern engines today. You would not even know that you’re actually using it.

With that, car enthusiasts put Diesel Detroit Series 60 to a test. Here’s what they found out:


It Provides Smooth Ride

It was a smooth ride, indeed it didn’t feel like you were pushing your vehicle to drive too hard or holding brakes too hard— it didn’t feel like driving back in the year 70s. The Detroit Series 60 is a modern engine for all vehicles, whether be it a vintage vehicle, a modern one or heavy duty diesel engines. 

What makes Detroit the best is that it can be used for both highway and vocational.


Brakes Don’t Affect Regeneration

Active regeneration starts as needed, but it only works on Detroit’s if the truck is moving.  It activates at 20 mph or higher and stops when speed drops to 10 mph – speed points that cope up when the season changes. This is a very good thing about Detroit series 60 for it prevents anyone from being hurt by hot exhaust gas or from heat radiated off exhaust parts. 

The after-treatment device, including the DPF, is under the sleeper at the tractor’s right side and is not reachable unless you’re under the truck.

History of Detroit Diesel

Detroit Diesel first started as an associate of General Motors. Through the years, GM concerned about the diesel engine market. That’s the cue that they also needed to start manufacturing diesel engines for industrial, marine, and railroad markets. Vehicles with heavy-duty can take advantage of its engine making it more sustainable and durable for the long term and heavy work.

Detroit Diesel is also known for making engines in form of series— explains, series 60, 70, and so on.  The series was designed so that the majority of the parts would be interchangeable, and changes in power were made within a series by adding cylinders, rather than changing many parts.


The First Series 60

The first series 60 was actually made in 1987. It was designed to be more fuel-efficient for heavy-duty vehicles. Back then people call it the monster and the best in the market. Quickly the series 60 became popular in demand, more and more versions came, and yet people still prefer the vintage series 60.

The Series 60 is an on-highway engine that is commonly found in Freightliner vehicles.


Series 60 Improvements

Vintage but is still a monster in this age. The series 60 continues to make demands in auto parts provider in all over America, and even the world. makes sure that we provide you with the exact Series 60 engine you needed.

In fact, a lot of improvements have been done for the all-new Detroit Series 60. Once aftermarket manufacturers were able to develop parts, they started coming up with tweaks and adjustments to the original design. Don’t worry, the classic look you love is still there with the precise specifications tailored to fit for your type of engine. 


Series 60 Specifications

Number of Cylinders: 6

Inline Air System: Turbocharged Air-to-Air Charge Cooling

Control: DDEC®

Specifications: 12.7L, 14.0L

Bore and Stroke: 5.12 in x 6.30 in, 5.24 in x 6.62 in (130 mm x 160 mm) (133 mm x 168 mm)

Displacement: 778 cu in (12.7 liters), 858 cu in (14.0 liters)

Compression Ratio: 17.25:1, 16.75:1

Dimensions (approx.):

Length 57 in (1448 mm), 57 in (1448 mm)

Width 34 in (864 mm), 34 in (914 mm)

Height 50 in (1273 mm), 50 in (1273 mm)

Weight (dry): 2640 lbs (1199 kg), 2640 lbs (1199 kg)

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