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RAM 3500 DPF Filter: Horsepower Light-Duty Filter

Is your vehicle having a problem while driving down the road? This is probably caused by a blocked filter. 

Did you know that up to 1 quart of unburned ash can lodge inside a dirty diesel particulate filter (DPF)? When your filter is full, it leads to increased downtime for regeneration, loss of horsepower, reduced fuel economy, damage to your DPF, and eventually, damage to your engine. 

When your DPF is not cleaned regularly, not only can it lead to engine breakdown, but also, it voids your DPF warranty. Of course, this does not only caused by an uncleaned DPF filter but it is also because of getting the wrong DPF filter.

At, we are committed to making sure that you make the right decision for your vehicles. We assess the problems and the solutions your vehicle needed, and we also make sure to provide you with an ideal DPF filter that’s suited for your vehicle’s need.

If you are considering getting a RAM 3500 DPF filter, do you really think this is the ideal for you? Well, before we even talk about that, let us first discuss why it’s important to know to when to replaced and to clean your DPF filters.

Replacing or Cleaning the Particulate Filter?

Before even deciding whether you need a new filter or just a cleanup, you need to make sure that you know the basics of checking up your filter and the signs it is giving.

A dashboard warning does not always mean that replacement is necessary. This can be often avoided by thorough and professional cleaning of the filter. The amount of work should not be underestimated. Only professional cleaning executed very precisely in order to avoid damage to the filter will cause a warning on the dashboard to disappear again. 

At DPF Parts, our team is the best in the field. We make sure to diagnose your vehicle’s issues and provide them with what it really needs— whether it may be a cleanup or a replacement.

Furthermore, even after cleaning the available filter will no longer be intact. At least its wear will progress significantly quicker than with a new particulate filter. The corresponding warnings can be anticipated in a medium-term future. The cleaning of the filter is therefore merely put off the sooner or later unavoidable filter replacement.

Is it Better to Get a RAM 3500 Filter?

One may think that DPFs are exclusively for heavy-duty diesel vehicles only, but actually it goes as well for light-duty vehicles like cargo vans, mini trucks, and even SUVs. These vehicles oftentimes need this horsepower engine to ensure a more torque performance.

With that all said, we incredibly suggest to get a RAM 3500 DPF filter as a filter replacement. This replacement DPF for the Dodge RAM 3500 thoroughly removes diesel particulate matter and soot to provide better overall gas mileage and increased vehicle power. 

Additionally, our Diesel Particulate Filter is a direct replacement for an exact fit and includes all the required gaskets and mounting hardware needed for a complete repair.a

Get it Here at DPFParts!

All diesel cars are fitted with a DPF and how you drive them greatly impacts their effectiveness. At DPF Parts we make sure that everyone is provided with the best and high-quality performance DPF.


If you’re ready to get your desired DPF today, go ahead and check out our wide variations of DPFs for you!