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Dodge Sprinter 3500 DPF: The Only DPF You Need

Have you decided yet to replace your old filter with Dodge Sprinter 3500 DPF?

Your Dodge Sprinter 3500 might be the best vehicle you’ve ever owned. However, you may just be struggling to keep it highway-approved. Well no worries, because you are not alone. A lot of diesel engine vehicle owners experience the same issues too.

Oftentimes, a troubled Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is caused by a dirty filter. When it does, it entirely affects the performance of your vehicle. This is the time when you should have an expert look carefully at your DPF filter. Either you needed a cleaning service or you needed to replace it.


Luckily, at, we provide both! Find out why you should own a Dodge sprinter 3500 today!

Why Choose Dodge Sprinter 3500 DPF?

For Dodge Sprinter van, it is more likely a getaway van used by a lot of Americans. Either it’s going to be a trip to the beach or just a long road-trip on the interstate road.

Cargo vans, mini trucks, or any light-duty vehicles have a fitted filter with them. This is why you always need to make sure before actually going out for long-rides, to keep your vehicle’s engines and filters checked.

You can do that with the help of auto experts to help you in assessing your vehicle and its needs. Or otherwise, replace it.

So if the solution is to replace it, then this is why you need to consider getting Freightliner sprinter 3500. With that said, let’s find out a few tips you need to know for your 3500 Diesel Particulate Filter.

How to Maintain Your DPF

You can keep the DPF of your car in good condition by following these easy steps:

Make sure that you ride at least 15 minutes at 40 mph. This will help the DPF regenerate soot on its own, clean the filters, and continue the cycle. Failing to do so won’t active-passive regeneration and may cause you further problems.

Avoid using biofuel diesel because they contribute to burning an excessive amount of soot that the DPF might not be able to handle.

Always use the specified and compatible engine oil. Failing to do so can affect the performance of the DPF and clog the filters. Use ash oil instead because it helps in the regeneration process.

What to do if you see the warning light?

When the DPF warning lamp comes on then it’s time to take the vehicle on a longer run, preferably on a faster road such as a dual carriageway or motorway. Driving at 40mph or more for 10 minutes should prompt the DPF to go into ‘regeneration’ mode and burn off soot which will clear any blockage.

How to prevent problems in the first place

Before you buy a car, consider the kind of mileage you do. If most of your miles involve short journeys or sitting in stop-start traffic where the car never really gets going, plump for petrol rather than diesel. There’s another good reason for this. Diesel cars are generally more expensive than petrol and because diesel is pricier at the pumps too, you don’t see any payback from a diesel car’s improved economy unless you do a healthy annual mileage.

Why not get rid of the DPF?

One answer to problems with the DPF might be to remove it altogether. But DPFs are installed for a very good reason – they cut pollution – so it’s not a very responsible solution. Also, from February 2014, any car that’s had its DPF removed is an MOT failure. Despite this, there are still companies advertising on the internet to remove DPFs and do the associated re-programming of engine software. Don’t be tempted: it may well invalidate your warranty as well as making your car dirtier and potentially unroadworthy.

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