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ESW DPF Filter and DPF Parts: The ESW Group DPF

Part of keeping our diesel vehicles in good shape and performance is to install it with reliable engine parts— that includes their Diesel Particular Filter parts such as the right gaskets, sensors, gauges, and a lot more.

Not everyone might know this but there are a lot of DPF parts manufacturers out there, and sometimes, it has become a struggle and a challenge for other vehicle owners to find the ideal DPF and DPF parts for their diesel vehicles.

Luckily, here at DPFParts, we believe in ensuring our customers an ideal DPF that can provide long-lasting solutions to their vehicle. Not only that, but we also make sure to provide a DPF that can give the utmost performance for their vehicle and that is also right for their budget.

One of our best selling brands in the ESW DPF. Let’s get to know ESW and the DPF technology they have been offering in the industry.

Get to Know ESW Group

ESW Group manufactures and markets a diverse line of proprietary catalytic emission conversion, emission control, and emission support products and technologies for the transportation, construction, rail, marine, utility and other markets. 

These products are primarily designed for diesel engine applications including medium and heavy-duty trucks, school buses, delivery vehicles, garbage collection vehicles. In addition to land vehicles, ESW Group technology is used in large marine engines. 

The company sells its emission control products through an established network of over 30 dealerships located throughout the United States, which is complemented by a team of seasoned emissions focused business development professionals, engineers, and field technicians.

The ESW America

ESW Group also operates ESW America, an engine emissions testing, certification, and verification facility which is recognized by EPA and CARB as capable of performing engine emissions verification and certification test protocols for the OEM supply chain. They are the leading independent engine and vehicle testing company.

Their state-of-the-art testing facility is equipped to perform a wide variety of testing using engine dynamometers and heavy- and light-duty chassis dynamometers. Testing services include on-board diagnostics (OBD) development, emissions testing, research and development, and system validation. 

Aftermarket DPFs

The ESW Group announced the launch of Skyline aftermarket DPFs—a line of OEM replacement diesel particulate filters for heavy-duty diesel engines. The filters will be offered via Skyline Emissions, Inc., a new company in the ESW Group.

The Skyline™ DPFs will cover a wide variety of engine makes and models for 2007 and later heavy- and medium-duty trucks and buses said the company. Skyline aftermarket products will be sold and supported in North America through the ESW distribution network and will be backed by a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

DPFs were introduced on heavy- and medium duty diesel vehicles in the North American market in 2007. Emission systems in a growing number of 2007 and later trucks and buses are out of the OEM warranty, which typically covers 5 years. This creates a new replacement parts market, and several companies—including those that have specialized in retrofit DPF systems—have launched aftermarket DPF product lines.

DPFs and DOCs

DPFs and DOCs are components of the emission control systems of the post-2007 diesel powered trucks and buses, and have allowed a new generation of vehicles to emit low levels of diesel particulate matter emissions.

“ESW is well positioned to succeed in the diesel emission control aftermarket business. With this new facility, ESW will continue to bring forward the latest technology at industry leading production quality and speed,” said Patrick Barge, CEO.

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