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HUG DPF Parts: The Only DPF You Need

Are you looking for the best DPF parts for your diesel vehicles?

It’s undeniable that we all want the best for our diesel vehicles or the trucks that we use for a living. A responsible vehicle owner does not just go with having to maintain the outside looks of your vehicles, but as well as the engines that allow it to perform.

Your vehicle perform as a system and everyone should be working accordingly. Which is why getting the appropriate engines, filters, and parts is vital in making sure that one compliments the other.

At DPFParts, we take pride in ensuring that our customers are provided with a good performing filter along with DPF parts to ensure its horsepower and torque performance. Today, let’s begin with getting to know HUG Engineering and why should you invest on it for your next DPF replacement.

The HUG Engineering DPF System

Hug Filter systems, makers of the Mobiclean brand diesel particulate filters (DPFs) is part of the Swiss Hug Group – a world leader in the DPF and catalytic exhaust after-treatment market.

With over 30 years of experience with stationary, mobile, and marine applications, Hug Engineering has a unique level of know-how in the reduction of emissions. This success is based on intensive, targeted R&D and a wide and flexible scope of supply in advanced emissions reduction systems– from standardized modules to customized systems, always tailored to customers’ specifications and applicable legislation.

At Hug Engineering, the main focus of production is on:

  • Catalysts and filters,
  • System components, and
  • Metalworking.

But why invest in HUG for your DPF? Here’s why!

Choosing HUG as Your Next DPF

There are a lot of DPF manufacturers out there but only a very few ones are dedicated in producing DPFs that actually works. Not that only that these DPFs works better, these DPFs are also working on giving you a better filtration for a healthier and breathable air inside your vehicles.

Overall, it’s not just that, but it also affects the entire performance of your vehicle as well. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in HUG as your next Diesel Particulate Filter and along with the parts that compliments with your DPF.


Reducing Emissions

Hug Engineering AG’s core business activities span the development, production, engineering, and sale of exhaust gas purification systems.  For the past 30 years, the company has been providing efficient solutions for engines used in stationary and mobile applications– which are both in the form of standardized modules and customized systems. 

Building on many years of experience, our excellence in innovation, and the expertise of its workforce, the company has established ourselves as a world leader in the area of diesel particulate filters and catalytic exhaust gas purification. They have become an end-to-end provider, and occupy a very strong position in the global market.


Technology and Production

The company continually develops an in-depth manufacturing activities, which span chemical and process technology, material sciences (for catalyst design), and automation. When it comes to making exhaust gas purification systems, the company’s in-house expertise covers every aspect of engineering, manufacturing, and design, and every stage of the production line. This allows us to guarantee outstanding system quality at all times.


Adding Maximum Value

As developers and manufacturers of both standardized modules and customized solutions for a wide range of land- and water-based engine applications, Hug specializes in the production and plant engineering as well as research and development.

In collaboration with our professional customer support team, this means HUG can maintain full control throughout the product life cycle and therefore ensure that their systems are operating at maximum efficiency and availability.


Driving growth through innovation

The main focus of Hug Engineering’s research and development work is on the optimization of its existing products and on smart new concepts in the field of exhaust gas purification technology.

Their long-term business success is due primarily to a strong culture of innovation. In 2016, Hug Engineering has once again increased its spending on research and development with a view to maintaining and in the long term extending its technological edge over the competition.

DPF Parts and Gaskets at DPF Parts

At DPFParts, we ensure that you are provided with your desired DPF parts and needs. From filters to DOC to gaskets, clamps and a lot more.

We are a leading company in providing customers with high-quality Redline products on all DPF parts. But not only that we give out the best customer service in getting you your desired DPF, but we also team up with the best in the auto servicing industry— our sister company DCARB USA.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for all your DPF needs or servicing needs. Then you know one place you can go to!

Book an appointment with us today and let us be of help in getting you your desired DPF.