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International Trucks DPF Parts: Your Next DPF Companion

Are you looking for the best DPF parts for your diesel vehicles and heavy-duty trucks?

There are quite a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to getting the best from your DPF provider. Their background history, their quality, and their affordability, horsepower, and the uniqueness of these parts when installed to your kind of diesel vehicle. 

At DPFParts we are the same. We carefully looked through these brands and make sure they are in line with our beliefs and promises. This is why we partnered with our most trusted manufacturer, Redline, for all our DPF and DPF parts.

Today, let’s get to know our in demand and best selling International Trucks DPF and DPF parts. Why should you consider getting them as your next DPF companion?

International Trucks: Who Are They?

International trucks have been built and sold by the International Harvester Company, which was then renamed as Navistar International in the year 1986, from 1909 until the present 2020.

Originally marketed to farmers the trucks were immediately successful and were sold to businesses in cities as well. Since then International trucks have been sold worldwide and built or assembled in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, the Soviet Union, and Turkey.

International Harvester also built large numbers of military tactical vehicles between 1941 and 1961. These were not branded “International”. Navistar has built military tactical trucks since 2007. These are branded “International”. Military trucks are not included here.

In 2019 International markets six separate series of medium-duty, heavy-duty, and severe-service trucks with loaded weights from 16,000 to 92,000 pounds (7,300 to 41,700 kg) and up to 140,000 pounds (64,000 kg) including trailers. International also has always built a wide range of custom and specialty use trucks and chassis.

Other than just trucks and tactical trucks, International Trucks were also able to manufacture and produced truck parts which include DPF, DOC, CAC, sensors, gaskets, and other more.

Indeed, Navistar offers one of the world’s premier and most trusted truck brands. International Truck offers state-of-the-art performance and solutions for a variety of global markets. International Truck, the flagship vehicle brand, is supported by the industry’s largest dealer network.

So why should you choose International Trucks?

Why Choose International Trucks DPF Parts?

There is quite a lot of reason we can name why should we choose International Trucks, and why we suggest International Trucks for you. With that here are best of two reasons:

Driver-Eccentric Trucks

The International Series sets the new standard for driver appeal, fuel efficiency, and productivity. This branding has made rounds around the globe, internationally, in providing driver-tailored products to increase efficiency and driver’s experience, driving performance in the trucks, vehicles, and parts they supply.

Their system focuses on improving productivity, efficiency, and comfort by fitting the truck to the driver and by making sure that their parts are congruent with the trucks. This is why they call this a user-centric approach to product development.  They design trucks that drivers want to drive by better understanding the different types of drivers, their capabilities, and preferences.

Driver-First: Putting the Driver in the Driver Seat

Improving Uptime means more than just building the best trucks on the road. It’s their utmost commitment to listen to what drivers need, this is why International Trucks can build the trucks that they want to drive. It’s what they call DriverFirst.

DriverFirst is their constant reminder to focus on identifying and improving upon the product attributes that matter most to our customers. This is all about making their trucks the trucks drivers ‘want’ to drive. It’s reliability, placement of controls, comfort, ease of use, and a great quiet ride that’s fun to drive.

This DriverFirst system is one of the very things that make International Trucks unique. This must also be one of the qualities that people should look for in a DPF they are looking for. Indeed, DriverFirst is being proactive and innovative to address the changing requirements of its marketplace and to consistently provide our customers with the best product solutions to address uptime, safety, and driver retention.

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At DPFParts, we ensure that you are provided with your desired DPF parts and needs. From filters to DOC to CAC, to gaskets, clamps, and a lot more.

We are a leading company in providing customers with high-quality Redline products on all DPF parts. But not only that we give out the best customer service in getting you your desired DPF, but we also team up with the best in the auto servicing industry— our sister company DCARB USA.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for all your DPF needs or servicing needs. Then you know one place you can go to!

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