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JEEP Grand Cherokee DPF Filter: Get it Here at DPFParts

Are you thinking of getting a better replacement for your old DPF but don’t know what brand to get? Good thing! Here at DPFParts, we help you make the best choice in choosing a reliable and ideal DPF for your diesel vehicles.

Jeep is a brand of American automobile and division, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Technically, we all JEEP for its luxurious line of JEEP cars and crossovers. But what we didn’t know is that they also have a really good diesel particulate filter.

With our partner manufacturer, Redline. We hope to give our customers the best performing DPFs for their vehicles, one of these is JEEP DPF Filter that guarantees 100% highway speeds all the time.

Today, let’s find out why you should choose JEEP as DPF filter replacement and how you should maintain it.

Why Choose JEEP DPF Filter?

JEEP Brand vehicles are designed and tested in some of the most inhospitable locations on the planet so you can feel confident when driving in a rain or snowstorm or when off-roading with like-minded friends.

Driving in muddy conditions can be deceptive. You will need to get out and use a stick to check the depth of the mud or water. JEEP Brand Cherokee vehicles have sealed electrical systems, a high air intake, and available skid plates for additional undercarriage protection. To keep from spinning tires, experienced off-roaders often use a higher gear to control momentum and speed and let the tires’ tread do the work.

With that said, it is arguable how durable and sturdy are JEEP vehicles and the engine that comes with it. Redline’s among the very first to remanufacture JEEP-makes DPF not solely because of the brand, but because of the built-horsepower, it has when installed to every vehicle out there. 

Their line of lightweight diesel particulate filter is the exact DPF you need for your SUVs, crossovers, and cargo vans to provide you with an amazing and smooth ride all the time. The DPF regeneration process also works fantastic in this line of DPF products.

For over 75 years the JEEP Brand has been indelibly linked to freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion.

So if you’re ready to get a JEEP DPF filter, you should also be ready to take care and maintain it. Here’s how…

How to Keep JEEP DPF Clean

The Jeep DPF  is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot (black Carbon particles) from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. Sometimes it gets clogged and needs a professional JEEP DPF cleaning, that’s where our team at DCARB USA’s DPFCleaning helps.

Furthermore, the DPF helps to ensure that diesel engines do not emit clouds of black smoke into our environments through the exhausts. So why is it important to keep your DPF clean?

Why is it Important to Keep Your DPF Clean

A diesel particulate filter is an important part of modern-day diesel truck motors. You need to understand how these filters work and the importance of DPF cleaning.

Here’s what you need to know why it’s important to keep your JEEP DPF clean.

You’ll save with JEEP dpf cleaning than buying a new one

A new Jeep DPF costs about $7,000, and this is an unnecessary expense. Sometimes a Jeep DPF cleaning can cost as low as $500. After cleaning, you’ll not be able to differentiate between your old DPF and a brand new one.

It is a fast process – say 3 hours

Are you concerned about the time it will take to complete the process of cleaning Jeep DPF? Don’t worry, because your DPF will be ready for 4 hours. That’s as fast as it can get. Hence, DPF cleaning is always a quick service.

Jeep DPF cleaning is better than passive Jeep regenerations

Instead of taking your car off the town to a lonely road in order to accelerate to a speed of 40mph in order to clear the clog, it would pay you better to save yourself the stress and look for a Jeep DPF cleaner.

Other Reasons to Keep Your DPF Cleaned

Other than that, here are a few reasons why you should keep your DPFs maintained cleaned.

1. Fuel Economy

When you keep your filter clean, you’ll get better fuel economy. The DPF is part of your engine’s exhaust system, and even if it’s only partially clogged, it increases backpressure in the engine. This affects your fuel economy.

2. Performance

Regular DPF cleaning keeps your engine running smoothly. In fact, unless the filter is working at 100 percent your engine performance suffers.

3. Prevent Replacement

Diesel particulate filters are expensive, and if they are not cleaned at appropriate intervals, they can become damaged. When they become damaged, it ends up being a very costly replacement.

4. Increase Resale Value

It’s important to keep complete and accurate records of your truck maintenance. When a truck has a good maintenance record (that includes DPF cleaning when called for), you’ll get more for your truck at trade-in time.

5. All Filters Will Eventually Clog

When your DPF works perfectly, it burns off hydrocarbons and particles in the exhaust, and this causes ashes to slowly build up. DPF cleaning removes these ashes and lets the filter work in the most efficient manner.

Get Your DPF at DPFParts

Our website provides a large choice of DPF and DPF sensors for JEEP. 

DPFParts sells Redline DPFs that use the best materials and the most innovative solutions to offer you high-quality DPF for JEEP allowing you to reduce the release of harmful particles contained in the exhaust gases emitted by your car. We certify particulate filters for JEEP very effective and particularly reliable at factory-direct prices.

If you are ready to get your JEEP DPF sensors today, send us a message to know-how!