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Best Performing Johnson Matthey DPF Parts for Your Diesel Vehicles

Are you looking for the best working DPF parts but not sure what brand to get?

A lot of people are probably confused about why they need to purchase some parts along with their DPFs. Well, one good reason is that, for a DPF filter to efficiently work to better your vehicles, then you need all the necessary parts for it. 

A DPF is not a one-task engine, but it also needs its other contributing parts as well. With that in mind, you already know how much each part work to make sure a DPF filter is playing its role for your vehicle. 

However, it is not easy to find a direct supplier to provide you with all of this. That’s where we help at We are a direct supplier for all your DPF needs— from gaskets to clamps, to pressure sensors. One of the best brands we have is the Johnson Matthey DPF Parts.

Why Choose Johnson Matthey

As a global leader in sustainable technologies, Johnson Matthey applies cutting-edge science to create solutions with its customers that can make a real difference to the world.

With over 200 years of working in the field, Johnson Matthey continues to apply unrivaled scientific expertise to enable cleaner air, improved health, and the more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources. Indeed, making sure that their products and parts are always tailored accordingly to the demands of its consumers.

Through continued investment in sound research and development, Johnson Matthey is tackling the world’s big challenges into the third century and beyond.

With that, here are a few reasons why you should consider Johnson Matthey for all your DPF, DOC, and other parts need.

Promotes a Cleaner Air

Johnson Matthey’s catalysts stop around 20 million tonnes of pollutants in their tracks every year. In the automotive market, one in every three new cars carries an emission control catalyst from JM. 

Toxic carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons go into the catalyst, clean air comes out. It’s more likely that the engineers and the creators have fully understood the atomic scale, the distribution of platinum, palladium, and rhodium in their catalysts. This then results in them being able to minimize the amounts of precious metal required to do the job.

Finding Remedy, Providing Solutions

With years in the industry, JM group of experts in the chemistry field helps relieve symptoms in millions of diesel vehicle owners each year. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are the constituents of pills and other medications that do all the work, whether it’s attacking cancer cells, regulating a heartbeat, or combating severe pain. And making them effectively always starts in the lab. 

JM develops API processes for many important, life-changing drugs. We employ highly complex chemistry to prepare molecules to very specific standards, then design advanced manufacturing methods to produce them at the scale that our pharmaceutical customers need.

Recycles Rare Elements

Platinum group metals (pgms), are a valuable natural resource, and their applications are numerous. You’ll find them in autocatalysts, jewelry, electronics, and even people’s mouths, as fillings. The more pgms that are utilized into a reusable process, means the less they need to take it from the earth. 

JM initiated a process to developed highly advanced processes for extracting and separating pgms from products – so advanced that they can recycle platinum and palladium, for example, to the purity of 99.999%.

Continuous Innovation

Electric vehicles are on their way, and JM is developing advanced new materials for battery cells in hybrid and fully electric cars. Cathodes are the key. With years of study and lab experiments, JM finally engaged in the cutting-edge science needed to understand how different cathode materials can reduce the time a battery takes to charge, and extend the distance fully charged electric vehicles can travel.

Johnson Matthey DOC Systems

Diesel engines normally run lean (more air than fuel), and therefore a diesel autocatalyst usually operates as an oxidation catalyst (which is why it is known as a diesel oxidation catalyst or DOC) cutting CO and HC emissions by more than 90%.

CO + ½ O2 → CO2

[HC] + O2 → CO2 + H2O

Many diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems incorporate an oxidation catalyst, either as a coating on the filter or as a separate element.

Johnson Matthey’s DOC  systems have a long track record of reliable, trouble-free operation in thousands of retrofits to construction machines and other non-road machinery.

Johnson Matthey DPF CRT/CCRT/CSF System

Johnson Matthey invented the CRT which is the most widely used and successful retrofit filter technology. This uses a special catalyst in front of the filter to convert some of the NO in the exhaust gas to NO2. 

The NO2 reacts with the soot on the filter at normal exhaust temperatures to continually remove the particulate as it is filtered from the exhaust gas. For this technology to work successfully, the exhaust gas needs to be above 260oC for 50% of the time. This is normally achieved when a machine regularly uses a significant amount of power to complete tasks. 

The operating window can be extended to lower temperatures (50% of the time above 240oC) by using the CCRT that has a catalyst coated filter as well as the pre-catalyst. The DPF CSF just uses a catalyst coated filter and has the advantage of being shorter in length than the CRT system but needs higher operating temperatures to regenerate successfully.

Get Your Johnson Matthey DPF Parts Today!

At DPFParts, we ensure that you are provided with your desired DPF parts and needs. From filters to DOC to gaskets, clamps, sensors, and a lot more.

We are a leading company in providing customers with high-quality Redline products on all DPF parts. But not only that we give out the best customer service in getting you your desired DPF, but we also team up with the best in the auto servicing industry— our sister company DCARB USA.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for all your DPF needs or servicing needs. Then you know one place you can go to!

Book an appointment with us today and let us be of help in getting you your desired DPF.