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Your search for the best and most reliable aftermarket DPF available today has officially ended, get the all-new Maxxforce 7 DPF replacement at DPFParts.


Maxxforce 7 DPF Replacement: Your Next DPF Filter

Are you looking for the best and reliable DPF replacement?

With a lot of diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the market today it became so hard to choose the ideal DPF for you. The demand for DPF technologies in the industry increases too, which means a lot of manufacturers have stepped up in providing diesel vehicles with a promising and powerful DPF.

At DPFParts, we stocked the best performing DPF that guarantees you the best and reliable working filter in the market. One of our best sellers is the Maxxforce DPF from Navistar. Our Maxxforce DPF filter is among the best from our Line of Navistar DPF. We carefully choose these filters to be able to give the best for you.

Not only that, but we also make sure to work with professionals and experts with the help of our sister company, DCARB USA, to give you all the DPF servicing you will ever need. From cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and installing.


Today, let’s see why you should choose Navistar Maxxforce 7, why should you choose it as your next DPF filter and how to take care of it.

Why Choose Navistar, Maxxforce?

With the heavy competition in the market today, people often have the same question. Why choose the Maxxforce line of products? One answer to that is… because it is Navistar.

Navistar is one of America’s and of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative international trucks, but not only trucks but diesel engines that fuel the best driving performance of today’s modernized commercial vehicles.

Their innovations drove the global markets forward, drove America’s move from family farms to agricultural dominance. And then from local economies to the largest economy in the world. They drive to deliver, they create to help lives on the road foster and make ideal trucks to dominate the world’s highways.

Navistar is indeed one of the best.

The Maxxforce 7 DPF Filter

Maxxforce 7 DPF is a one tough DPF unit that has been rigorously tested to ensure conformance to product standards and quality. 

With Navistar’s line of Maxxforce products, the Maxxforce 7 is proven to be enhanced serviceability through the repositioning or elimination of certain engine components, all for a cleaner and clearer top of the engine.

This particular DPF also has to combine strengthened designs with advanced materials – providing durability to dramatically extend service life over OEM units.

It also as an improved fuel and lube filter access gives you better accessibility all the way around the block. Its advanced EGR requires no added equipment to your Truck too, so your engine and truck combination allows for more payload with less hassle.


MaxxForce 7 Features

By choosing MaxxForce diesel power, and DPFParts as your direct supplier, you can rest assured knowing that we shoulder the responsibility of emission compliance. All you have to do is turn the key and drive. 

Some features include:

  • Exact Fit Design – Uniquely design which makes for ease of removal and installation
  • Widespread Application – Our DPF’s are available for engine model years 2007 and newer. Available also for medium duty, heavy duty and school bus application
  • Built on Experience – Designed and Engineered by GESI, top tier supplier in the industry, having 27 years of diesel emission and exhaust knowledge
  • 18 Months Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • Made from high quality stainless steel for increased durability
  • Parts are designed and made in North America

Maxxforce 7 Replacement Service

Servicing a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is part of the maintenance involved with an emission-controlled diesel engine. DPFParts has to periodically clean or send the DPF out to be cleaned depending on its condition.

Maxxforce 7 DPF also has a high-pressure steam cleaner that’s why it might take out some of the filter material. Next time a light flush with a garden hose may be the better solution.

The Maxxforce 7 DPF engines are also vulnerable to damage unless the filter material was already starting to break down.

Once the new DPF was installed and the soot level was back to normal the engine ran normally again. It’s going to be steady maintenance keeping everything clean on 2007 and newer diesel engines. Along with repairing intake and exhaust leaks to keep flow contained everything from the combustion chamber to the tailpipe has to flow smoothly.

Get your Maxxforce DPF Now!

At, we are a trusted dealer for Redline’s premium DPF filters to provide a long-lasting solution to your commercial vehicles. With quality checked products and carefully chosen partners, we ensure that our DPF products along with other products like gaskets, clamps, sensors, and a lot more, are a hundred percent great quality and fit for every vehicle out there.

Of course, we made sure that our services can cater not only to providing you with such products but as well as to help you in maintaining and cleaning services. This is with the help of our sister company, DCARB USA, as one of the leading auto service provider in the US in providing you with all of your auto servicing needs.


Ready to get your DPF for Maxxforce 7? Call us today!