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Maxxforce 9 DPF: The Exact DPF You Need

The Maxxforce 9 DPF is the horsepower engine you need to fuel your heavy-duty commercial vehicles to work efficiently. Get yours at


Benefits of Maxxforce 9 DPF

Why is Maxxforce 9 diesel particulate filter right for you?

There are definitely a lot of DPF engines to choose from there. Especially now that manufacturers are really stepping in providing high-quality DPF parts to ensure that every vehicle out there, either a commercial vehicle or a heavy-duty one, is provided with an ideal DPF for them.

At, we aim to provide only the best and reliable makes and models for our clients. With our team of experts, we ensure a thorough assessment of your vehicles to be able to know what kind of DPF part is ideal for you.


With that said, let’s find out why Maxxforce is the right DPF part for you.

Why Maxxforce 9?

Even a modest improvement in engine efficiency can go a long way. The Maxxforce 9 from Navistar is a year-long studied by experts and engineer in the industry to be able to come up with a reliable, horsepower, and amazing engine for everyone.


Aside from eliminating the maintenance and possible repair issues associated with the DPF, there are various other benefits to deleting it. These include:

  • Fuel economy improvement— In order for regeneration to occur, the DPF draws in fuel. After the DPF is deleted, fuel economy often improves because this fuel is no longer needed for filter cleaning.
  • Improved engine power— The DPF also restricts the engine, preventing it from operating at its full potential. Many diesel owners and fleet managers report a noticeable performance improvement following deletion.

Not only that, since it is manufactured from Redline, we assure you that this filter also has several features, including a serial number and Born on Weight. 


With our patent-pending Born on Weight, you will know exactly what your filter weighs, down to the gram, when brand new. Knowing the unique weight of your filter allows you to check on how well it was serviced, by giving the cleaning facility a target weight.

Get Yours NOW!

But what if you’re in a tight budget to buy your Maxxforce 9 directly from Navistar? This is where we do help! is a reliable dealer from Redline products such as the Navistar MaxxForce 9. Our filters are made in the USA, meet or exceed OEM specifications, come with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, and come with the required gaskets. This is one of the very reasons why we choose to manufacture with Redline.

Of course, we wanted only the best for our clients. At, we are keeping that promise by providing you with good performing and quality-checked DPF.

Along with that, we also worked closely with our sister company from DCARB USA in providing you with a thorough checkup, cleaning, installing, repairing and maintaining services. 


If you are ready to get that DPF running today, check us out at!