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PACCAR DPF Made by Cummins: An Alliance

If you are looking for the ideal engine diesel filter from Cummins to fuel long-lasting solutions for your trucks, then you should consider getting PACCAR engines made by Cummins. 

PACCAR and Cummins are both global leaders but definitely differs in the line of services they offer. PACCAR is a manufacturer and builder of heavy-duty trucks while Cummins is a manufacturer and maker of diesel engines. 

With that in line, it has been a renowned alliance which gained a lot of audience from trucks enthusiasts and truck companies globally. People are seeing this alliance as a powerhouse of premium and quality built heavy-duty engines for commercial vehicles.

At, we are a proud PACCAR dealer to provide consumers with a great collaboration product such as PACCAR engines made by Cummins. Today, let’s get to know these two corporations more. Find out, why you should invest in getting this engine filters today.

Cummins Engines

Cummins Inc. is a global power leader and manufacturer of state-of-the-art diesel and natural gas-powered engines both for on-highway and off-highway use. Engine provider for trucks, ships, machines, commercial vehicles and a lot more.

Not only that, but they are also a provider of not only in newly made parts but as well as the remanufactured parts and engines. So if you ever run out of budget for new parts, you can always target your options in getting the remanufactured ones.

At, we made sure to provide you with premium quality Cummins engines that undergo product development before making it in our stores.

PACCAR Engines

PACCAR is a global technology leader in designing, manufacturing and providing customer support of high-quality, medium to heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates.

PACCAR is also a top-performing supplier in North America, which makes them ideally the best provider of quality-made and perfomance-guaranteed trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Engine and Design Innovations

Together, as PACCAR and Cummins alliance set foot, more and more engine owners are enjoying amazing engine features and design innovations that offer long term value proposition and low overall cost of ownership through increased uptime and reliability, productivity, ease of maintenance and longer service intervals.

Not only that, but PACCAR engines made by Cummins are also fuel economy which makes it an ideal engine for your commercial vehicles. 

This alliance indeed has reflected the industry’s trend toward closer cooperation between OEMs and engine suppliers to provide enhancements to improve vehicle performance. With this alliance of Cummins and Paccar, the goal is to provide and benefit customers in a more integrated powertrain.

Most especially for commercial vehicle owners and truck company owners, this remastered engine brake is for you.

Get Your Paccar Cummins Engine Now is one of the Paccar dealers to provide quality and premium engine parts for consumers all over the U.S. With that, we are proud to provide you PACCAR engines made by Cummins.

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