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Why Choose Peterbilt DPF?

If there’s one thing you can assure of Peterbilt is that it is genuinely crafted to give the best for today’s modern trucks and diesel vehicles.

Peterbilt Pacific Inc. is known to sell and service the world’s most desired trucks. They combine the ultimate in trucks with award-winning truck sales, parts, and service making a combination that’s hard to beat. With a long tradition of excellence, proven durability and resale value make Peterbilt the logical choice no matter what your vocation.

As one of US reliable dealers in Redline’s Peterbilt DPF parts, we are committed to quality and professional service for our customers. Along with DCARB USA’s line of DPF and mechanical engineering services.

Along with that, here are a few tips we can suggest to ensure that you take care of your Peterbilt DPF the right way.

Fewer Repairs, Less Downtime

Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle knows that you can either face major (and pricey) malfunctions or you can just as easily be nickel and dimed to death on the little stuff.

It’s no different for a big rig.

These days with freight rates being on the low side, it’s necessary to maximize the use of the equipment. The truck owner cannot afford downtime. Luckily with Peterbilt trucks and engines, you no longer have to worry about these issues because they have reliable engines and DPF parts to help your vehicle lasts for long years of use.

But of course, that also means you have to take extra care of your DPF. here’s how…

High Quality Peterbilt DPF | DPFParts

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Investing in Peterbilt DPF: Why Choose Peterbilt?

Investing in a great DPF is just like investing in a long life span of our diesel vehicles. Especially if we use these vehicles for a living, or if they are ginormous trucks we use for business, then surely they deserve good maintenance and engines working with them.

At DPFParts, we are a proud distributor of Redline’s OEM diesel particulate filter and parts to make sure to give you the best performing DPF Parts for your vehicles. Along with that, we also work hand in hand with our sister company, DCARB USA, in providing you with DPF services: from cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and installing.

Indeed, we promise to provide every diesel vehicle and truck out there with an excellent DPF to ensure a great performing vehicle every time.

But today, let’s get to know Peterbilt, how to maintain it, and why it should be your next DPF replacement.

Why Should You Have Your DPF/DOC Cleaned?

When left uncleaned, soot and ash will collect and could damage or destroy your filter. While soot and ash burn off as quickly as it accumulates when driving under load, it tends to accumulate and stay when idling or driving through slow-moving traffic.

A few key indicators that it is time for professional cleaning are a loss in engine performance or an increase in frequency in regeneration cycles. With regular DPF cleanings you could see the following:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Extended filter life
  • Higher resale value if you decide to sell your truck at some point

A dirty filter may not sound like it could cause a lot of damage if left unattended, you’d be surprised by how costly it could be. This makes cleaning a necessary part of maintenance. When you factor in that replacements cost about $3,000, if not more, plus the cost of unexpected downtime, neglecting this relatively simple process could greatly affect your bottom line.

If you think your diesel is in need of DPF maintenance, visit our service department now at DCARB USA.