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RAM DPF Filter | Why You Should Consider Getting RAM DPF

Are you planning of getting a RAM diesel particulate filter (DPF)

One may think that DPFs are exclusively for heavy-duty diesel vehicles only, but actually it goes as well for light-duty vehicles like cargo vans, mini trucks and even SUVs. These vehicles oftentimes need this horsepower engine to ensure a more torque performance.

One of the best selling light-duty DPFs in the market is Dodge Ram. An especially designed filter that guarantees a proper fit every time. The manufacturers for this light-duty DPF technology makes sure that it is engineered with the best-fit form and function,

At DPFParts, we are a direct supplier for all your Dodge RAM products. Some of our best selling models are RAM 3500, RAM 2500 and Sprinter 3500. 

For you to better know the amazing features and benefits you can get from RAM DPFs, then keep on reading!

Choosing RAM DPF For Your Diesel Vehicles

We incredibly suggest choosing RAM as your DPF filter as a filter replacement. This replacement DPF for the Dodge RAM thoroughly removes diesel particulate matter and soot to provide better overall gas mileage and increased vehicle power. 

Additionally, our Diesel Particulate Filter is a direct replacement is designed to guarantee an exact fit for all vehicles out there. This also includes all the required gaskets and mounting hardware needed for a complete repair, 5-Year, 50,000 Mile Warranty. 

Important Features of Dodge Ram DPF

There are a lot of benefits one can get from a totally cleaned and maintained DPF. but all of that must start first in choosing the best and reliable DPF that suits your vehicle.

With that, here are the important features from Dodge Ram DPF.

Cleaner Exhaust

An exhaust system is an essential component of any car on the road, not only does it expel harmful gases from your vehicle, but it also converts them to less harmful gasses, as well as reducing noise pollution. With a cleaner exhaust, it can definitely improve the vehicle’s performance times three greater compare to ordinary DPF.

Increased Durability

One of the characteristics of a good DPF is when it’s not only durable but as well as twice durability from other ordinary DPF. RAM models are exactly the DPF you will need with increased durability to make sure your car’s effectivity down the road.

Reduced DPF Regeneration Events

DPF filters go through a regeneration process which removes this soot and lowers the filter pressure. With this new and improved DPF, it lessens the regeneration events which ensures that you will not often experience sudden cool-insufficient while driving down the road.

Get it Here at DPF Parts

All diesel cars are fitted with a DPF and how you drive them greatly impacts their effectiveness. At DPF Parts we make sure that everyone is provided with the best and high-quality performance DPF.

If you’re ready to get your desired DPF today, go ahead and check out our wide variations of DPFs for you!