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Remanufactured DPF | DPFParts

Are you torn between choosing new and remanufactured DPF? Which one would be better for your vehicle? Learn more about remanufactured DPF here at DPF Parts!

Choosing Between New and
Remanufactured DPF

Thinking of buying remanufactured DPF?


Not a lot of people are fond of buying remanufactured diesel particulate filters. Chances are, they don’t trust it or they’re doubtful of the quality of the product. But little did they know that remanufactured DPF has a lot more benefits to you financially and even more so to your vehicle.


Today, let us talk about remanufactured DPF and learn the truth about it, how it can affect your vehicle’s performance and why it has become a great choice at DPF Parts!

What is a Remanufactured DPF

So what is a remanufactured diesel particulate filter?


If we are going to put it simply, a remanufactured filter or reman DPF is a filter that has been cleaned extensively and thoroughly. These types of filters are often offered at a substantially lower price than new filters and can sometimes lead people into thinking that they are receiving new components inside an original canister.


However, the filter substrate is 95% of the whole filter and if you replace it, you may as well have a new filter. Technically, you are getting a new DPF just a remanufactured one— some are even saying that reman DPF is better than new ones.


But how can we tell? Let’s find out here!

Why Choose a Remanufacture DPF

There are many things to consider when you’re looking for a DPF filter including cost, warranty, quality, durability, and more. Ideally, this is why remanufactured becomes more ideal than new ones.


So today, we have answered a few questions here to make sure you know you are getting the right DPF for your vehicle and budget’s need.


Is Remanufactured DPF a Good Replacement
Yes, a new DPF replacement is as good as the original. DPF replacements are built to exact OEM specifications and come with long-lasting warranties.


However, is a remanufactured unit as good as a new DPF filter replacement? No, a new