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Cleaning your DPF is an essential part of maintaining a good performing engine. DPFParts provide you all you need, from Cummins DPF cleaning and a lot more.

The Leading DPF Cleaning Technology: Cummins

A lot of people ask the same question over and over again “Why Cummins?”


There are a lot of diesel particulate filters (DPF) available in the market today, one can find a cheap one, an OEM exact fit, and a genuine DPF. With that, it is no doubt that a lot of manufacturers are stepping up in developing innovative and top-performance DPFs to provide to the demand of the industry— that’s why at times, people are confused about which one could work best for them.


At DPF Parts, we provide every commercial vehicle out there a DPF for them. Not …

How Does a DPF Work

The diesel particulate filter captures particulate matter that is a normal byproduct of the combustion process as it passes through the exhaust system.


As you run your diesel engine, sensors in the DPF measure the amount of particulate matter that is accumulating in the filter and send that data to the Electronic Control Module (ECM), the computer that controls the engine and after treatment …

How to Clean DPF Thoroughly

Under normal operating conditions, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you do a lot of in-city driving at lower speeds or extended idling, your engine may not be working hard enough for the self-cleaning process to take place. If this happens, particulate matter will accumulate within the filter. If it reaches an 80% level, you will see an alert in the information center of your truck’s overhead console. This is not dangerous, but it does tell you that the engine needs to be given a little more …

But Why Choose Cummins

Cummins Sales and Service offers state-of-the-art cleaning solutions for your diesel particulate filter incorporating pneumatic cleaning, testing, and thermal regeneration equipment. They are not only the best manufacturers for the world’s …

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