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The Ultimate CAT C9 DPF Filter

Enjoy a smooth and innovative horsepower in your commercial vehicles with the ultimate CAT C9 engine. Get yours today at


Why CAT C9 DPF Filter?

Are you planning to get a high-end engine that can guarantee your vehicle the ultimate horsepower?

A lot of commercial vehicle owners today are considering a lighter engine for their heavy-duty vehicles. Especially for vehicles and engines used in the military, marine, and other heavy-duty use. 

With the rise of the demand of the consumers, it is impossible for vehicle owners to just find one that fits likely to their preference of smaller and lighter engines. However, Caterpillar’s C9 is a midrange inline-6 with heavy-duty features that come in a builder’s first ACERT model.

This finally puts an end to the search! However, here at, we make sure that your vehicles are assessed thoroughly to ensure that you get the ideal vehicle part/s that caters to your needs. With the help of our diagnostics and experts in charge, we guarantee to provide you with the right parts that will ensure long term solutions.


With that said, let’s take a look at some features you can get from CAT C9 engine.

About C9 DPF Filter

Is C9 right for you? Let’s find out!

The C9 is in the same class as Cummins’ ISL and International’s DT530, and like them saves hundreds of pounds and thousands of purchasing dollars compared to larger-bore models. Virtually all the weight savings can be converted to the extra payload, and the husbanded money can be left in the bank.

Production of industrial C9s began last year and truck versions were launched in January. Sterling Truck was the first to install one, partly because Cats have been so popular in its L series and because it sells a lot of “Baby 8” trucks. Sterling executives recently showed off the engine and its trucks to customers and the press at Cat’s proving grounds west of Peoria.

Is Caterpillar Worth it?

Demanding conditions, applications and environments make Cat C9 Industrial Diesel DPF filter engines the perfect solution for your severe duty equipment. With decades of diesel engine innovation and expertise behind these engines, they deliver the low operating costs and legendary Cat reliability and durability that give you a powerful advantage. 

More importantly, they’re backed by the world-class Cat dealer network ready to service and support every Cat industrial engine.

Caterpillar believes its products are of premium grade, and the company is not shy about charging for them. The Caterpillar C9 will cost somewhat more than competitors—sometimes considerably more—and you have to decide whether its promises of better economy and durability, along with the Cat nameplate, are worth the higher price.

Get Your C9 Engine Now!

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