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The New Caterpillar DPF Filter: Recharging Your Truck’s Fuel

Are you thinking of getting a caterpillar DPF?

For years in the industry, Caterpillar, or known to be as CAT, is a global manufacturer of the most refined and designed to modernisation trucks. But not just trucks, today they also manufacture engines and diesel particulate filter to fuel their trucks with a horsepower engine that guarantees a totally great performing vehicle in the streets.

Not only that they produce fuel-efficient filters but they also engineer these filters to ensure the effectivity and efficiency when used by heavy-duty vehicles as well. However, not only it is exclusive for CAT trucks but it can also guarantee an exact fit to other engineered trucks too.

But the question is, is Caterpillar DPF filter ideal for your vehicle? Let’s find out!

The CAT Diesel Particulate Technology

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are the preferred Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) reduction technology for the most demanding underground machine applications. CAT addresses their DPF system particularly to the needs of underground machine applications and later innovate their regular DPF to trucks, buses and other heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

By then, people know how much technology and engineering are invested in CAT to be able to come up with an innovative solution for engines and vehicles such as this all-new Caterpillar DPF filter.

Cat Ventilation Reduction (VR) engines utilize selective engine hardware and software to lower DPM while maintaining low overall emission levels during the engine combustion process.

Cat DPFs – Flow-Through Filters (FTF) and Wall Flow Filters (WFF) are designed to work with VR engine packages on Cat underground LHD’s and trucks to effectively minimize the DPM level down to greater than 50 per cent or greater than 98 per cent, respectively.

Why Choose Caterpillar DPF Filter

There are qualifications to make sure that a certain DPF technology has passed the emissions test for a clean and safer diesel. Caterpillar’s technology-driven DPF filter has indeed driven these tests in a really smart way. 

These are the following operating criteria must be met in order for appropriately retrofitted engines to achieve the above emissions reductions:

  • Their engine is operated with a fuel that contains a sulfur content of no more than 30 ppm.
  • The CAT DPF has an exhaust temperature of 260° C for 40% of the cycle for NOx:PM ratios of less than or equal to 20:1 and for NOx:PM ratios equal to or greater than 25:1, only 200° C for 40% of the cycle following the requirements. 
  • Caterpillar installed a backpressure monitor and high-pressure indicator light on all vehicles equipped with their DPF system.
  • Their engine should are well maintained and are not consumed by the lubricating oil at a rate greater than that specified by the engine manufacturer.  They suggest to not use Crankcase oil-burning systems with their DPF product.

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