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Why Choose Hino DPF Filter

Are you looking for a new DPF filter?

The role of your DPF filter acts as your vehicle’s soot filter. Ideally, it helps in keeping the air clean. It is designed to trap particles of soot in the flow of exhaust gases from diesel vehicles and convert them into CO2 during the regeneration phase. That is why it is important to keep and maintain a clean DPF. Having a dirty or rustic DPF filter means a lot of serious trouble for your vehicle.

You don’t want to go there.

At, we make sure that we provide customers with the essential filters for their vehicles. We partner with some of the best of both world’s manufacturers to be able to ensure the safety of our clients down the road and the performance of their vehicles.

While there are a lot of DPF filter brands to choose from, we’re here to help you find out which one could ideally fit yours. Check this page for more thorough information about the Hino engine and why you should choose it.

Why Hino?

Hino Motors, LTD. is part of the Toyota group of companies. It is Japan-bases and they mainly engaged in the manufacturing sales of trucks, buses and industrial diesel engines. 

For years in the industry, Hino aims to provide customers with worldwide products that optimally suited to their needs, which could help rebuild and prosper communities, that are made with innovative inventions and technology cultivated.

Their goal is “to support” and become an active role in people’s livelihood. Yet through the years of expertise and studies, Hino has also made a lot of changes to their model line up. It’s not just trucks and buses anymore, but they also manufacture engines, filter engines, truck parts, and a lot more to give more horsepower to their truck and bus force.

And indeed, that made them the best. 

At the core of the release are new engines that mostly generate more power, more

torque, and apparently less to no more fuel.

Instead of tweaking the existing powerplants, Hino has opted for new engines to meet the tough new regulations and demands of the industry, including the re-introduction of the five-cylinder JO7E and the JO8E engine to replace the previous six-cylinder. 

Now, if you’re convinced of getting your filters replaced with the Hino DPF system, then check out a few tips on how to replace your old diesel particulate filter DPF.

How to Replace the Diesel Particulate Filter

It’s important that you know how exactly to clean your DPF, or how to identify that it needs replacing, and knowing when to ask experts for a helping hand.

Having a clean DPF is essential for any vehicle, especially commercial vehicles, to function well down the road. If you are always travelling on long hours then getting that DPF filter fixed, replaced or cleaned is the best thing you can do for your vehicle’s engine.

Remember, it is not just enough to take care of your vehicles on the way it looks, but also take care of its generating functions inside.

Here are a few steps in replacing DPF filters.

Jack Up Your Vehicle

Park on a clear and flat surface and make use of jacks to raise all four wheels off the ground. The DPF is located under your vehicle so it will be a little too hard to reach it from the side of the vehicle, you need to position yourself under the car lying to have access.

Remove Bolts and Screw

Locate the DPF and take a minute to study the exact positioning of it. Doing so will help you in identifying the precise area to fit the new one. Remove all the screws and bolts and place them on a safe side, you will basically need them afterwards.

You no longer need to remove the filter from its heat guard. The new filter will come with a heat shield of its own. This makes it easier to remove as you should be able to simply take it off in one piece.

Attached the New Filter

Fit the new DPF in exactly the same position as the old one, make sure you take good care in replacing all of the nuts and screws and any washers which came off from the original filter. Once it is placed, make sure that it is in a secure position too.

Get Your Filter Now

Ready to get your old filter replaced with the Hino DPF? is a legit and an authorized dealer of Hino filter engines. Get your desired filter today and enjoy an unlimited mileage warranty.

We also work closely with our sister company, DCARB USA, in making sure that all vehicles are thoroughly checked and assessed before prescribing them their ideal filters. Our partner company provides auto services as well, in cleaning, maintaining, installing and replacing DPFs.


Work with us today and enjoy a hassle-free filter shopping and installation!