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The Mercedes Benz DPF Technology

Mercedes-Benz is the pioneer leader in diesel particulate filter systems. As the first automotive manufacturer of diesel particulate filter systems, our filters are the highest quality offering high filtration efficiency that is both maintenance-free and self-regulating. 

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest automakers in the world, meaning that they’ve had plenty of time to develop their idea of the perfect automobile. Yet, even top of the line cars requires the occasional repair or replacement.

The Mercedes-Benz diesel particulate filter technology works to protect your vehicle and the environment by preventing the vehicle’s exhaust smoke from being released into the air. Working hard to filter soot and other exhaust and non-exhaust particles, the DPF will become filled over time.

However, Mercedes-Benz vehicles with a diesel particulate filter utilize the vehicle’s onboard computer to start a critical process called “regeneration” to clear the filter manually. 

Even with regeneration, you may need to replace your Mercedes diesel particulate filter. When this happens, it is important to have the vehicle serviced by a qualified Mercedes-Benz mechanic at DPFParts to either clean or replace your diesel particulate filter with a genuine Mercedes-Benz DPF filter.

The Differences Between Mercedes Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

A Mercedes Sprinter diesel particulate filter undergoes a process known as regeneration rather than cleaning. In regeneration, the soot particles are burnt off from the filter once the engine reaches a certain temperature. 


When regeneration occurs on its own naturally while you are on a long drive or travelling at a certain speed, it is referred to as “passive regeneration.”


Many modern vehicles are designed for “active regeneration.” The vehicle’s onboard computer system monitors the DPF and starts the regeneration process when the filter appears to be blocked by increasing the engine’s temperature, which will signal it is time for the regeneration process to begin. Active regeneration tends to occur independently around every 300 miles.


In some cases, your Mercedes may need to have a forced regeneration. A qualified Mercedes-Benz mechanic can start forced regeneration.

How to Know If Sprinter DPF Professional Cleaning is Required

If the regeneration process is ineffective and the diesel particulate filter remains excessively blocked by soot and other particles, then you may be able to get it professionally cleaned by a certified mechanic. 

However, if this fluid cleaning is unable to remove the soot from the DPF, then you will need to replace the diesel particulate filter. Either way, is the right place for you to get your DPF checked, cleaned, and replaced.

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