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2013 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 DPF | DPF Parts

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2013 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 DPF: Durable Light Duty DPF for You!

Are you having problems with your Mercedes Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? 

Relax, it’s normal for diesel vehicles to experience issues with their DPF overtime. It’s not like you are expecting your car to give you maximum performance at all times without you taking good care of it. This is why we at DPFParts always make sure to assess your vehicles to be able to give the right solutions for your car.

Today, find everything you need to know about your Mercedes Benz and Sprinter van DPFs.

What is DPF Regeneration

During the regeneration process, the soot that has built up inside the DPF is removed. This is done by allowing the DPF (catalytic converter) to reach temperatures up to 600 C.

This allows the soot to burn up and be pushed out with the exhaust gasses. This process is done passively or can be a forced regeneration.


Passive Regeneration

Your Mercedes will automatically start the regeneration process while you are driving without you even knowing. 

Unless the check engine light is on for another reason or certain criteria are not met, which can cause the regeneration process to never be completed. 

If the regeneration process does not start on its own, you will eventually get too much soot built up, that one or more of the codes mentioned above will be triggered. 


Forced DPF Regeneration

You can force Mercedes DPF regeneration with a professional diagnostic scanner such as Mercedes Star Diagnostic. Regeneration can be carried out with the vehicle driving or running but parked.

During this process, certain conditions must be met and the engine RPMs will be kept in 2000 for approximately 30 min. The procedure must be initiated by the scanner. 

There are several conditions that need to be met some of which include: 

  • Engine coolant need to reach the normal operating temperature
  • Catalytic converter needs to be over 200C as a starting point
  • Turn on lights and rear defroster
  • Set climate control to blow at max speed 
  • Hood needs to be closed


These are only a few of the conditions as they vary between models. The scanner that you will be using will display all the steps you need to follow to carry manual DPF regeneration.

Mercedes DPF Problem

Your Mercedes check engine light comes on with one or more codes related to the DPF filter soot content being too high.

These fault codes affect many 2010 and newer Mercedes models including E S GL ML R G Bluetec versions.  

On Sprinter vans, throttle response is very poor and there is hardly any acceleration no matter how hard you press the gas pedal. Vehicle speed may be limited to 40 mph.


DPF Cleaning 

If the DPF is excessively blocked, with soot and ash then a professional clean or a replacement DPF will be required.

A DPF can be cleaned by removing the upstream DPF sensor and spraying fluid to clean the build-up inside the DPF. This is an alternative solution to replacing the DPF.

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