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Mercedes OM926 DPF: Why Choose Mercedes DPF?

Are you planning on getting Mercedes as a DPF replacement for your diesel vehicles?

Well, you definitely have the right choice. Mercedes OM926 DPF is among the latest DPF we sell at DPFParts.  As you all know, the demand of the market for DPF filters continues to tighten. People want quality that will last them for a year or so. Meaning, people no longer want to settle for less. 

This is why we at DPFParts ensure that we stock the best working DPF filters for your kind of vehicle. Just like our promise, we ensure that everyone is provided with a DPF that can cater to the needs of their vehicle and that will provide them with a smooth and convenient drive all the time. 


Today, let’s find out about Mercedes OM926 and why it should be your next DPF replacement.

The Mercedes Benz DPF Technology

Mercedes-Benz is the pioneer leader in diesel particulate filter systems. As the first automotive manufacturer of diesel particulate filter systems, our filters are the highest quality offering high filtration efficiency that is both maintenance-free and self-regulating. 

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest automakers in the world, meaning that they’ve had plenty of time to develop their idea of the perfect automobile. Yet, even top of the line cars requires the occasional repair or replacement.

The Mercedes-Benz diesel particulate filter technology works to protect your vehicle and the environment by preventing the vehicle’s exhaust smoke from being released into the air. Working hard to filter soot and other exhaust and non-exhaust particles, the DPF will become filled over time.

However, Mercedes-Benz vehicles with a diesel particulate filter utilize the vehicle’s onboard computer to start a critical process called “regeneration” to clear the filter manually. 

Even with regeneration, you may need to replace your Mercedes diesel particulate filter. When this happens, it is important to have the vehicle serviced by a qualified Mercedes-Benz mechanic at DPFParts to either clean or replace your diesel particulate filter with a genuine Mercedes-Benz DPF filter.

The Mercedes Benz OM926 DPF

If you have a Mercedes Benz with a diesel engine, it’s more likely that your vehicle comes with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Mercedes Benz is a German global automobile marque that’s known for its luxury vehicles, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, and ambulances. Many kinds of vehicles have had them fitted since 2001, including all diesel-engine cars, vans, and trucks under the same company.

At DPFParts, we work our best in providing diesel vehicles with their desired DPF with of course following our thorough assessment to be able to find them the right DPF that guarantees them long-lasting solutions.

Let’s find out why more about Mercedes Benz DPF technology and how its diesel particulate filter regenerates.

One of the best selling DPFs we have is the Mercedes Benz OM926.

Reliable Medium Duty DPF Engines

Mercedes is one of the most reliables brands in the trucks and bus engine industry. The best one is the their line of Euro III, V, EEV engines and that also includes the OM924 and OM926 DPF engines. These are all characterized by their superior function and efficiency. 

They all ensure a low fuel consumption thanks to BlueTec, a Mercedes-Benz SCR technology which operates in a particularly eco-friendly way.

These engines are distinguished by three relevant features which are strength, economy and durability. Therefore our engines in all series are ideal for city buses and touring coaches. They can also be modified in a way so that they are suitable for customer-specific variants for use in different bus applications.

The DPF installed are also one of the best in the industry following the necessary standards in modern DPFs. 

Latest Innovative Engine Technology

The om926 DPF engines operate at the highest levels of efficiently, ensuring superior power output. Thanks to BlueTec, Mercedes-Benz’s SCR diesel technology, they do so in a way that is particularly eco-friendly. 

BlueTec ensures low CO2 emissions and extremely low nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulates, to meet emission standards at the tailpipe. Besides low consumption, the BlueTec engines also have impressive maintenance intervals and longer engine life.

Mercedes-Benz has spent decades to bring diesel engines to perfection. Their dedication to excellence has earned Mercedes-Benz loyal customers around the world, in the most demanding industries.

The engine is also synonymous with strength, economy and durability. Based on these characteristics, our engines in both series are ideal for short-radius distribution, construction site transport and long-distance haulage. They can also be modified to create customer-specific variants for use in different bus applications.

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