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The Ultimate DPF filter Volvo Mack MP8

The all-new DPF filter Volvo Mack MP8, is it both from Mack and Volvo? Find out more at We have various products for Mack and Volvo too.


Is MP8 a Volvo or Mack?

A lot of people are asking the same question… Are Mack trucks and Volvo trucks the same? 

Volvo and Mack Truck appear to be such different companies, and yes they are. Mack is famous for its big trucks and their shiny chrome bulldog mascot. While Volvo makes trucks and heavy equipment but is more well known by American consumers for their well-crafted cars.

So which part are they related? Well, the engine filters for both companies are built on the same production line. And that makes them the same. The two filters may come to be in the same production line, run off the same ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel, yet there are still other important differences that make these two unique.  


Today, let us find out that!

Get to Know Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks is a global manufacturer known to be the world’s second-largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo and continues to make thousands of Trucks for almost 140 countries around the world. This makes them one of the reliable and best Truck manufacturer in the world.

Volvo trucks basically have every truck for every use. Either you want a long-haul use truck, a regional transport truck, vocational trucks like cranes or oversized heavy-duty trucks that can carry logs or vehicles.

Indeed, as the year goes by Volvo trucks continue to emerge with newly developed trucking solutions and engines that all together have an unmatched tradition of pushing the limits, setting new standards and driving innovation.

Get to Know Mack Trucks

Meanwhile, Mack Trucks Inc is an American truck manufacturing company and is formerly a manufacturer of buses and trolly buses. It started its trucks business in 1900 and manufactured its very first truck in 1907. Indeed, it’s business’ foundation is the years of expertise in the industry and the domination of Mack trucks in all over the US. 

Not only that, but it is also recognised around the world as “The American Truck You Can Count On” which is known for building durable and reliable, application-driven vehicles that get the job done.

Indeed an iconic and legendary brand in the truck manufacturing industry. With that, Mack Inc., also delivers functional design, tough construction and reliable performance across a range of applications. Indeed, with it, your trucks can definitely tackle any job day and night. 

The Mack and Volvo Partnership

If there is one thing that Mack and Volvo are the same, that is by their long term service in providing fuel-efficient trucks, horsepower, and torque engines, driving productivity, safety and uptime.

In the year 2000, truck consumers are already thrilled to the news of Volvo buying Mack. It was the same year that Volvo AB has taken control of North America’s oldest trucking company, Mack. This is why Volvo has become the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in Europe and the second-largest in the world by 2006. It’s definitely not because of buying Mack alone, but it’s because of the joint force of both innovative designs and ideas to sustain truck consumers in the world— they have become the greatest of the great.

Meanwhile, the markets for Mack and Volvo trucks are still quite different. But since they complement each other, it’s what actually makes them great.

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