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HUSS DPF Parts: The DPF for Every Diesel Vehicle

Are you looking for the best products for all your DPF needs and parts?

Part of finding a reliable DPF filter is to also equip it with its corresponding parts. Indeed, it’s a package. You can’t just buy a DPF without having sensors and gaskets to work with it. 

Along with rusky and good looking vehicle, we also have to make sure to have the best engine that will work ideally for your diesel vehicles. You need to remember that your vehicle works as one with its body and its engine— everything must be congruent to each other for it to work better inroads, and in heavy-duty load.

Luckily, at DPFParts, we make sure to provide you everything you need from DPF, DOC, CAC, down to gaskets, sensors, and a lot more. Our promise is to ensure you have every part needed for your vehicles to perform a lot better than before, which also includes your utmost comfort while driving down the road.

Whether you need a light-duty DPF and DPF Parts, premium, genuine, or OEM— we have it all for you with a price and quality that fits your budget.

Today, let’s get to know HUSS DPF Parts and why you should invest one in your next DPF replacement.

Get to Know Huss

HUSS: “ We care for air”.

One good character that you need to consider in your DPF brands is that they must be environment friendly. There are only a few brands and manufacturers in the industry that produces engines and filters that works well in helping the Earth breathe and producing healthy air.

HUSS is one of the pioneers in the exhaust after-treatment since 1925. The start of their career  were days under the umbrella of “HUSS Maschinenfabrik”, silencers, spark arrestors ad exhaust gas scrubbers were produced.

The first HUSS diesel particulate filter was built 1985, more than 30 years ago. Already then, foremost in Switzerland, people considered the harmful impact of soot particles in the exhaust gases of diesel engines. In the course of time always new regeneration technologies were invented. This is the reason why HUSS can offer all currently active and passive regenerating filter systems today.

Overmore, HUSS offers diesel particulate filter systems for retrofit markets. The main applications are forklift trucks, construction equipment, stationary generator sets, ship and rail applications as well as special applications. In a nutshell: all applications “off-highway”.

HUSS DPF Parts Maintenance

Part of keeping your vehicles in good condition is a carefully done maintenance process. That also includes having the right partners to help you clean, repair, and maintain your DPF and DPF parts.

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are emission control devices designed to clean the exhaust emitted by vehicles’ diesel engines. Here at DPFParts, we team up with our sister company, DCARB USA, and DPFCleaning in providing you the best DPF servicing. We practice a proprietary cleaning process thoroughly cleans DPFs, restoring them to nearly 90% or better of “new” condition.

We provide DPF Cleaning Service for nearly all DPFs on the market today, for all types of vehicles and equipment. Whether you are using a HUSS, or Cummins, or CAT, we have everything for you.

Why You Need New Gaskets and Clamps After Cleaning

One of the most important steps that over-the-road truck drivers need to take before hitting the highway is to ensure that their DPF system is properly cleaned. And although bake cleaning is necessary to clean the ash from this inside of the unit, there are external components that need to be replaced with every cleaning, such as the clamps and gaskets. 

When you are considering a DPF cleaning, it is important to replace the V-clamps that hold the system in place, and also the gaskets. Better, to make sure that you are with a good and professional team to handle all your DPF services.

This is where can help.

DPF Parts and Gaskets at DPF Parts

At DPFParts, we ensure that you are provided with your desired DPF parts and needs. From filters to DOC to gaskets, clamps and a lot more.

We are a leading company in providing customers with high-quality Redline products on all DPF parts. But not only that we give out the best customer service in getting you your desired DPF, but we also team up with the best in the auto servicing industry— our sister company DCARB USA.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for all your DPF needs or servicing needs. Then you know one place you can go to!

Book an appointment with us today and let us be of help in getting you your desired DPF.