Caterpillar C7 DPF (RED 52969 / OEM 305-4565)

$1,485.96 Excl Sales Tax

OEM PART NUMBER305-4565, 10R-6084, 305-6294
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***Price listed for this Caterpillar C7 DPF is a full retail price. Discounts apply for Fleet, repairers, wholesale and distributors. If you feel like you may apply for one of these discounts, please call our friendly support team on our toll free number +1 888 373 7278 (888 DPF Parts)***

DPF are happy to present to you a Caterpillar C7 DPF filter 305-4565.

We at see our entire role as being solutions providers. We’re here to help. Therefore, we’ve spent significant time to build out a large knowledge base to help you with all of your emissions-related issues. 

Please see the related products section at the bottom of this web page for all the common parts usually purchased with these items. Like clamps, gaskets, sensors….

***Please be aware, Caterpillar C7 DPF filters RARELY FAIL on their own. The vast majority of the time, they have failed AS A RESULT OF OTHER ISSUES. If you would like to research this, please see our Caterpillar C7 DPF technical help page by clicking here. We’d hate for you to spend money replacing or cleaning a DPF without an understanding of why it failed in the first place making you far more likely to be back again*** 

Why Redline DPF Filters?

2 Specific reasons why DPFParts prefer to supply redline filters?

1 – Born weight
Only Redline filters carry the patented born weight. When filters can weigh 30,000grams, but are full when they have only 4-500grams of weight, a few grams in manufacturing tolerances is very important for cleaning companies to know if your filter is clean or not. By these filters clearly stating exactly what their new weight is, cleaning companies know how effective they have been at cleaning your filter.

2- Quality you can trust
MADE IN THE USA and carries the industry leading 2 year, unlimited km warranty. 

About DPF is a subsidiary of DCARB USA Inc. We are a firm completely dedicated to simultaneously solving your maintenance, emissions and operational costs of your vehicle. 

To do this, we have 3 separate but highly linked businesses:  DPF Parts, DPF Cleaning and DCARB Engine Carbon Removal to provide you with a complete and more effective solution.

DPF Logo

DPF Parts are your one stop shop when it comes to DPF parts. Yes we stock DPF’s, but we also carry a full range of gaskets, bungs, clamps, sensors,  etc. 

If your DPF is just clogged but not actually failed, our sister company can also help by cleaning your DPF at a significantly lower cost than replacement. 

When having your DPF cleaned or replaced, we STRONGLY recommend having your engine carbon cleaned at the same time. A DPF is essentially a carbon filter in the exhaust. There is no point putting a cleaned or new dpf behind an old engine still full of carbon. For more information about how this can assist extending the service life of your Caterpillar C7 DPF filter, please click here

Additional information

Weight46 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 24 in

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