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ISX DPF Sensor

Part of a good and clean filter is a quality DPF sensor. Indeed, when one purchases a brand new DPF filter, they must also make sure they have the right and ideal sensor for it.


At DPFParts.com, we make sure to provide everyone with a good-quality DPF and sensor that comes with it to guarantee a horsepower performance for your commercial vehicles and engines.


Not only that, but we also make sure that prior to providing you with your desired DPF parts, we also thoroughly checked and assess your vehicle’s need to be able to …

What is a DPF Sensor

Your DPF sensor is a crucial part of your exhaust system. It monitors the levels of soot emitted by your engine. A reliable and good working sensor ensures your exhaust is working extremely well, keeping you and your surroundings healthy.


Although, you’ll know, eventually, if it stops working as you’ll see a warning light on your dashboard. Don’t ignore it. A faulty DPF sensor means trouble for your car …

DPF and Sensors

DPFs (diesel particulate filters) and sensors are a great concept. They take out the dangerously small carbon nanoparticles that diesel engines are so good at pumping out the exhaust port. Ideally, a DPF needs no maintenance, however, it must be cleaned thoroughly and replaced with new ones in time.


A DPF is just a steel chamber up near the engine full of Cordierite or silicon carbide designed to trap microscopic soot, and …

How to Look After Your Vehicle’s DPF

There are two types of regeneration: passive and active. Passive regeneration normally takes place at higher speeds, when the engine is running at higher revs.


To make sure that the regeneration takes place, most manufacturers suggest that every few hundred miles, the car is driven for a period of more than 15 minutes at a consistent speed in excess of 40mph. Doing this should clear the filter.


If the DPF can’t regenerate passively, the car’s onboard computer will have to take measures to prevent the filter from clogging. This is when the problem starts occurring.


So here are a few tips on how you can keep your DPF clean and trouble-free.


Drive a Little Faster
Driving a little faster could actually save you money in the long run. DPF regenerations can only occur when certain conditions are met such as speed, RPM and engine temperature. Unless all the conditions are met, the DPF regeneration process will not start and you’ll be one step closer to a costly dealer regen.

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